qrme.nz is a quick and easy way to link to longer and more complicated url's.

Ready access to digital resources is increasingly becoming more main stream as pupils has ready access to smart phones and the internet in class.
Nothing is more irritating than mistyping and then mistyping a URL to get access to a file etc.

QRme.nz is designed to speed up and make digital content more readily available. Staff simply need to have a link or some other digital content they want their pupils to access. Simply make a short url (or get the website to make one for you), paste the link you want your pupils to have, or make a full on webpage for the qrcode to scan to, save the page then copy the qrcode onto your document / worksheet / PowerPoint and your qrcode is ready to use!

Example qrcode #1

This can be either scanned using a QRreader app, or by simply typing in the url under the qrcode.

Example qrcode #2

This QR code does an automatic redirection to http://www.google.com. Wheres example 1, takes you to a page with a range of links and conent

A major advantage of using Qrme.nz rather than using a QRcode generator, is that the desination of the qrcode can be changed, even after the code has been printed. That is, today you might make a qr code and automatically directs users to google.com, but tomorrow you want that same qrcode to link to bing.com. No problem, qrcodes can easily be edited. You can even change that same QRcode to direct to page with a range of search engine links so the end user decides which one to click :)